Cheese and Sourdough Crisps | Pairings You Can't Stop Snacking On

We love cheese. Though we would be happy eating a whole pack of Melissa's Sourdough Crisps on their own, cheese sometimes makes them even better. We have been in a predicament though... what cheeses go best with each of our sourdough crisp flavors? To solve this question we went to one of our favorite cheese shops, Formaggio Kitchen and asked for their top picks after they tasted our crisps. Here's what they said... 


Flaky Salt and Black Pepper

Our Flaky Salt and Black Pepper sourdough has large flakes of salt and then a peppery finish to compliment the natural sour flavor. To pair with these zesty crisps we have two mild cheese. A smooth and sweet basque sheep's milk cheese from the Pyrenees in France and a creamy and mild Robiola from Italy.


Pardou Ardi Gasna Sheeps Milk Pyrenees, France


Robiola Due Latti Mixed Milk Piedmont, Italy  


Fresh Rosemary 

Rosemary adds a deep herbaceous flavor with zippy finish from the freshly cracked black pepper. To go with the fresh rosemary, we stayed closer to home with a cow's milk cheese from Vermont that has some extra nuttiness to compliment the herbaceous flavor. 


Jasper Hill Whitney Cow’s Milk Greensboro, VT 



Sumac has a distinct lemony flavor that emphasizes the already delicious funky-ness of our crisps. To pair with our Sumac crisps, we have a fresh ash rind goat's milk cheese from California and my personal favorite, saving the best for last, a classic Comté from France. 

 Grey Owl Goat’s Milk Quebec, CA



Comte Fort Saint Antoine


 Those are our top picks, but really, any cheese you like is the right choice! And, of course, don't forget to add some cured meats and jams... 

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