Could Sourdough Actually Be Good For You? 

The answer seems to be yes! Sourdough has been around since ancient times and has throughout the years been proven to provide many benefits…based on real studies. Not to mention they are a great snack for when you are out on a hike (see photo above). Below are some highlights that might explain why you feel pretty great after eating Melissa’s Sourdough Crisps. 


Digest with Ease

It seems like these days everyone is gluten free, which is a bummer because bread and other glutinous food products are DELICIOUS. That’s where sourdough comes in. Some studies have found that regularly consuming sourdough may improve the digestion of gluten and help moderate allergic responses and inflammation.


Make Your Gut Healthier

Sourdough is made through a fermentation process and this process creates an increased amount of prebiotic which improve gut health. Whole grains are also doing their part to help by optimizing the function of bacteria in your gut. 


Age More Gracefully

We’ve all heard about the mysticism of the magic of the Mediterranean diet. I mean, have you been to Europe recently?? Everyone looks amazing. Well it turns out that whole grains and sourdough breads have been an integral part of the mediterranean diet for centuries. According to research, sourdough and whole grains contribute to lower risk of heart diseases, diabetes and cancer for older adults in the Southern Mediterranean.


Ok so I think we provided some good evidence and now you can see why sourdough suddenly started getting so popular... Or maybe it’s because it’s delicious? It is packed with nutrients, healthy carbs, protein, fiber and vitamins. And lucky for you, all of 470 Baking Company’s products are whole grain, sourdough and packed with deliciousness!


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